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Frequently Asked Questions

The COVID-19 PCR test kits will be mailed to your home upon registering. Please make sure that you register at least 15-days before camp starts. This will ensure the COVID-19 PCR home test kit is mailed in time for your camper to attend camp.

Please return your at-home COVID-19 PCR test kit back to the lab in the FedEx overnight package provided 72 hours before camp starts.

Results are provided via email within 24-36 hours of a test being delivered to the lab for analysis. If there is a positive result, the camper’s parents will be notified via phone and/or email by the Laboratory. All positive results are automatically verified. If you receive a positive result, it is encouraged to take a second PCR test for verification.

CLICK HERE to view instructions on how to take the at-home COVID-19 PCR test.

Camp Testing will not offer insurance for PCR or Rapid Testing.

DNA Molecular Sciences- Las Vegas, NV

DNA Molecular Sciences- Irvine, CA

Precision Clinical Laboratories-Clinton, NY

The at-home self-administered PCR Test is a nasal swab collection.

The at home COVID-19 PCR test is 99.9% Accurate.

Please contact our customer service office: 800-309-4132.

Please contact our customer service office: 800-309-4132.

Yes, at-home PCR testing can be ordered for your travel needs, weddings, and special events. We also offer corporate testing. Each test costs $78. Please contact Camp Testing’s customer service at 800-309-4132 for specials on large orders (over 100 tests).

72 hours before camp begins, campers send the at-home COVID-19 PCR test kit to the lab in the provided FedEx overnight package for testing to be processed.  

Yes, camps can buy the rapid antigen test from Camp Testing. A nurse or doctor needs to be on-site to receive the tests. The test has full EUA approval from the US FDA.

Yes, anyone can administer the PCR tests at camp.  Please CLICK HERE for instructions.

Yes, the PCR tests are $78 and we ship to Canada.