How It Works


Bringing campers back to camp safely is our highest priority. Camp Testing is your partner in providing accurate, affordable, and accessible testing to assist with this important undertaking. Our online portal uses software that provides parents, campers, attendees, and staff with digital management of medical information, results in 24-36 hours after a specimen arrives at a partner lab, and access to PCR testing billed in appropriate cases to insurance, testing for the uninsured, and discounted PPE for the camping industry.


The a la carte testing model includes:
Self-administered, mid-nasal COVID-19 PCR test sent to campers/staff persons homes
Self-administered, mid-nasal COVID-19 PCR test sent to camp for testing 4-7 days after camp starts

  • CareStart Rapid Antigen tests sent to camp Ability to test campers/staff quickly

  • National network of laboratories Results in 24-36 hours from specimen deliver to a partner lab

  • Results emailed to camper/staff and camp director

  • HIPAA compliant portal CLIA travels with the rapid antigen test to the camp site

  • Discounted PPE and ventilation equipment

  • Staffing and consulting Customer service

  • Notification of government entities of all results automatically

  • Insurance billing for covered tests 


  • Test in the convenience of your home Input of all information electronically

  • Quick results, 24-36 hours after delivery of a specimen to the lab

  • Results are emailed to the parent/camper/staff

  • The camp gets the results via Camp Testing’s portal as soon as they are available 

  • All positive cases are run two times to confirm results

  • In many cases the cost of COVID-19 PCR testing is covered by insurance. If insurance does not cover the cost, the cost of testing is $78.00 per test.

  • All that is charged at check-out is a flat rate shipping cost of $34.95

  • Ability to pay for discounted PPE for home use (Gloves, Masks, Shields, Sanitizer)

  • Campers/staff send COVID-19 PCR test back to Lab in the provided FedEx Overnight Package. Make sure to administer the test 72 hours before camp starts. Follow all camp protocols for self-isolation and submitting the test for entry to camp

  • Use testing for Camp Visits, Weddings, Special Events, Travel


Camp Testing was built by camp owners for camp owners. Our company spent time working with camp director focus groups to build a COVID-19 testing program that follows protocols specific to the camp industry that is affordable, accurate, and accessible for all camps. Our goal is to ease parents’ minds by helping camps implement effective measures that minimize risks to campers so they can get back to what they do best: have fun, build lasting memories, and make life-long friends.


Upon registering your camp, Camp Testing will send a link for parents/staff/attendees to register, provide medical information, insurance information, and to pay for shipping as all shipping costs are handled by the recipient. The cost of the PCR tests is billed in many cases to insurance companies.

The following are three testing options for camps:

  1. At-home self-administered PCR Test Kits will be shipped to the campers/staff/attendees’ homes. Results will be provided to the camper and the camp/organization within 24-36 hours after delivery of a specimen at the lab.

  2. CareStart rapid antigen test is sent to camp site to be used upon campers’ arrival. The CareStart rapid antigen test use requires a nurse or doctor to be present at camp. The rapid antigen test is not for retail use.

  3. At camp, a self-administered PCR test is administered 4-7 days after camp starts. This is a great program for camps with communal living of more than 1-week. The PCR tests are sent in racks of 50 with barcodes of all the campers who took the pre-camp PCR test. The tests are conducted by any camp staff, are easy to administer, and are shipped back to the lab in racks. The camp is only responsible for the shipping cost of $34.95 per rack. Results will be provided to the camper and the camp/organization within 24-36 hours after specimen delivery to the lab.


Register early for Camp Testing

Speak to camp doctor about getting a standby order for testing.

Make sure to communicate with campers when to take the PCR tests before camp starts.

Provide reminders to parents/campers/guardians

Use Camp Testing resources for parents/guardians/staff