Covid-19 Testing for the camp industry

Camp Testing provides Camps and Organizations with Accurate, Accessible, and Affordable self-administered mid-nasal PCR kits sent to the campers/staff home or to the camp/organization site, rapid antigen tests, PPE, Ventilation, Consulting, and COVID-19 Support.

Our mission is to help camps reopen safely and provide parents and staff with peace of mind.

The Camp Testing website is designed for Camps to register online for COVID-19 testing and other services. Once the camp is registered, a link and directions will be sent to the camp to email camp parents/guardians/staff. Parents/guardians/staff then visit the Camp Testing Site to register for COVID-19 tests shipped to their home. Camp Testing also provides at-home COVID-19 PCR testing for special events, wedding, and travel. 


PCR Testing and Rapid Antigen Testing

To Help Camps Reopen Safely

How the Testing Process Works

A Little About US

Camp Testing was built by camp owners for camp owners. Our company spent time working with camp director focus groups to build a COVID-19 testing program that followed protocols specific to the camp industry that are affordable, accurate, and accessible for all camps of all shapes and sizes.  Our goal is to ease parents’ minds that effective measures are being taken to create a safe space for their children, as well as to reduce exposure so they campers can get back to what they do best: have fun, build lasting memories, and make life-long friends.

Camp Testing is powered by DNA Analytical Services and The Answer DNA, a high complexity laboratory with labs throughout the United States offering best in class service and quick results.  DNA Analytical Services works with government clients, schools, and movie and film production all over the United States.  Through its partner labs, DNA Analytical Services can test over 500,000 participants per day.  DNA Analytical is authorized to sell at home PCR kits from their laboratory as well as sell rapid antigen tests to camps that have a nurse or a doctor on site. 

Campers, Get ready to stop COVID-19 in its tracks! Here are some tips on how to stay safe at summer camp.


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The Answer is powered by DNA Analytical Services, a multi-faceted diagnostic testing company with a lab network. We employ a global team of molecular and infectious disease specialists which have created an at-home PCR test to offer you more safety and peace of mind.

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How to take the test

Our online process expedites turnaround times of COVID-19 test results, reduces laboratory process time, and allows our company to scale easily. 

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Registration Tips

We know this can be overwhelming.

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ACA Business Affiliate

Camp Testing is proud to be a Business Affiliate of the American Camp Association.  The American Camp Association has helped Camp Testing meet Camp Directors and Owners who have an interest in COVID Testing as a protocol for opening.  We anticipate great demand for COVID 19 testing and are honored to work with such a prestigious organization to help camps open and communicate a solid plan for keeping camps safe.

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"This made me feel so good about my son going back to camp this summer. Camp Testing was fast, easy and they took our insurance. Highly Recomended!" - Olympia, New York City

FDA + EUA Authorized

The Camp Testing COVID-19 Nasal Swab Test Kit, approved by the FDA + EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) is convenient, accurate, and safe. 

Fast + Accurate

Our online process expedites turnaround times of COVID-19 test results, reduces laboratory process time, and allows our company to scale easily.